Dictators thinking is very predictable. Their motives and secret fears are as plain as the sands of Sahara. For a while now, their most pressing focus has been consolidation of power, illegitimately, under the blanket of the pandemic. While Western democracies are grappling with the pandemic, authoritarian governments have the coveted liberties to insulate themselves from the popular will driven […]

Is the Zimbabwean government politicizing COVID19?

Yes. Zanu Pf led government is politicizing COVID 19 in Zimbabwe. Should you be concerned? Yes, you should be. Politicizing the pandemic has one ultimate goal. Consolidation of illegitimately acquired power. Consolidation of the said power increases chances of survival for Zanu Pf, while also enabling regime stability, as will be unpacked by this article. Insight into the concept of […]

Zim govt exposed, again, for its frivolous and unsubstantiated accusations of activists being Western-sponsored illegal regime change agents

What I love so much about the Zimbabwe regime’s live televised press conferences, and parliamentary debates, is the way top government officials shamelessly stutter, struggle, and outrightly fail to adequately articulate and provide undisputed and solid evidence for all the wild and largely laughable allegations they love spewing at every turn – especially, against political, labour and social justice activists, […]

What has happened to the 16 June 1976 Soweto Uprising revolutionary spirit in today’s Zimbabwe youths?

For a very long time, whenever I see the world-famous picture of the lifeless Hector Pieterson, being carried by a crying fellow female schoolmate – fleeing from a volley of fatal bullets being fired at protesting South African high school students by the brutal apartheid security forces, on 16 June 1976 – I never cease wondering what ever happened to […]