Illegitimate, legitimate and spectacularly failing pestilential and parasitic zanu pf’s futile pursuit of a one party state is responsible for corruption, nothing else. The useless, partisan and politicized Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission knows this fully well, but will never admit this, especially to the public that suffers the consequences of corruption. Rather, the useless, partisan and politicized anti corruption which has been used only in witch hunts common in the criminal, plundering and looting, illegitimate zanu pf’s factional wars, believes that the spectacularly failing zanu pf will, acting upon its sacred recommendations, improve the people’s lives, so that they stop corruption!

According to the witch hunters, the prevailing economic mess is responsible for corruption! The witch hunters must have felt pretty confident, having dug and found the actual root of corruption in the country. A root, had it been gold, would have been fool’s gold. It ignores crucial, and fundamental realities in the country. The same witch hunters, surprisingly make the connection between the world record unemployment rate, thanks to the illegitimate zanu pf that is determined and invested in establishing a one party state political system, despite the consequences, prominent among them being state failure and subsequent collapse, after state paralysis.

The useless, and partisan anti-corruption commission fail to realize and thus comprehend reality. The reality is that the pestilential and parasitic zanu pf prefers a high rate of unemployment for various reasons, some of which will be listed below. In addition to this, the issue of zanu pf’s illegitimacy is a major force that incubates corruption tendencies. This illegitimacy stems from the cancerous desire of zanu pf to establish a one party state, for totally nefarious reasons. You do not embark on an ethnic cleansing episode, violate, mutilate and devalue the supreme law of the land, sanction and grant immunity to your party’s militants to abuse human and property rights of perceived opposition supporters suspected to threaten the status quo, politicize, and make the police and the military partisan just because you want to serve the people, be responsive and sensitive to their welfare, guarantee service delivery.

High unemployment causes petty corruption. Take for instance an unlicensed vendor who is an actual graduate, parting with a few dollars daily to pay the city council police so that he is not denied access to vending venues. This kind of corruption does not stop an already paralyzed state from developing. This is an issue that the witch hunters fail to realize. Petty corruption is a consequence of unemployment, caused by the pestilential and parasitic, illegitimate zanu pf.    

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