It was only a matter of time before the illegitimate, pestilential, parasitic, criminal, spectacularly failing, plundering and looting zanu pf sprang into action to try to save itself from loss of power it is retaining illegitimately. If you look at Haiti, and Sri Lanka now, you might understand. Both countries, Sri Lanka and Haiti have demonstrated that a desperate and angry population, that has been oppressed, terrorized by their governments which have progressively been insensitive, and unconcerned to their neglected welfare, which ultimately lead to service delivery deprivation, the same rule book the clueless and illegitimate zanu pf is using. So when the situation implodes, the corrupt, pestilential and parasitic elites lose access to avenues for looting and plundering.

To pre-empt a Haiti, or a Sri Lanka situation in Zimbabwe, the clueless zanu pf has moved in to threaten retailers.  It would be disastrous for the status quo to not threaten the retailers. It means that the pestilential, and parasitic zanu pf will lose access to natural resources and fiscal resources for self-enrichment, that should be channelled towards the welfare of the people and service delivery, should it fail to threaten them. Remember the fifteen billion worth of diamonds, understated and thus undervalued of course, and the many kilograms of gold Rushwaya was caught with, trying to smuggle to the Middle East, thanks to zanu pf factionalism, or the covidgate, which directly implicated Scarfmore and his family, through Nguwaya and Obadiah Moyo, who took it upon themselves to take for themselves? So if the oppressed and terrorized masses decide to revolt after so much negligence and lack of concern, for fear of their safety, the zanu pf pests and parasites will flee the country, and will thus lose plundering and looting rights. In addition to that, the plundered and looted illicit wealth will be recovered.

By threatening retailers with illegal, unconstitutional revoking of their retailing licenses because they are charging goods in the United States dollars that the peasants dependent on the illegitimate for partisan food aid, nor does the civil service, or the military. So you see, its dangerous for zanu pf to let the economy collapse, in the eyes of the ignorant, politically uninformed peasants, public relations if you will. So when the peasants hear that the government they are not aware is illegitimate, is threatening retailers, they will assume that it actually cares, and in this regard, zanu criminals, pests and parasites actually buy time for more looting and plundering, having deceived the unsuspecting, and ignorant peasants, a situation that is entirely different in the informed and aware urban areas.

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