It is sheer madness to dream or to even imagine that Zanu pf militarized courts of chaos, and disorder will hold any Chinese nationals or companies accountable. It does not matter that the Chinese are shooting workers demanding their wages so that they can feed their families, it does not matter that the Chinese are raping, and sexually exploiting their local domestic helping hands, infecting them with resistant sexually transmitted diseases and infections., nor does it matter that they are displacing people without redress from the law, or burying people alive, it is trivial to these kangaroo courts of Zanu pf, after all the Chinese are full sovereign individuals, with sovereign rights which these Zanu pf sympathetic and partisan are more than prepared to protect and secure from being infringed by locals affected by the colonialist and imperialistic conduct.

The supreme law of the land which Zanu pf is perpetually abusing, mutilating, devaluing and assaulting has provisions which take the government to task to ensure that the citizens fundamental constitutional liberties are protected, are not violated and infringed upon. Government in this sense certainly includes the useless, compromised and Zanu pf sympathetic judiciary, which to date has a rich history of immunizing the Chinese against the full wrath of the law, after the Chinese repeated demonstrations of racist, slaving and economic exploitation of the local populations. This is mainly caused by a few seemingly complex issues, and it should be noted against that note that Chinese impunity and immunity from the law has become more prominent with the unconstitutional and subsequent illegitimate power retention by Scarfmore!

Scarfmore is in power because the Chinese played a crucial role for him to be in the position. Nevertheless, he is their puppet. Why else do you think the general who now is set to be disposed of as a used paper toilet, was in China just shortly before the military coup which saw an unconstitutional power transfer? In this sense, every lever of power at the disposal of Scarfmore in actual fact is a lever of power that the Chinese have control over, especially with regard to the securing of their imperialistic, and colonialist economic interests, which Zanu pf has been accommodating at the expense of the welfare, cultural heritages of the people’s whose popular will it hijacked through the aid of a partisan and impoverished military which had to kill unarmed citizens, extra judicially, and indiscriminately to frustrate a liberal democratic transition which was a threat to Zanu pf, whose particularly grave implications among others was to destabilize and revise the status quo.

In addition to having gained the highest political office in the land with the aid, and blessings of the Chinese, Scarfmore Is grateful to the colonizers for the immediate reason. The Chinese protection in the United Nations Security Council, a council in which Beijing has the power to veto international resolutions such as international sanctions against the colony of China, Zimbabwe. This would constitute a grave threat against the colonial figure head government which would be forced to reform its political system, under the pain of sanctions, leading to a liberal democratic transition whose consequence are not crucially limited to rule of law, and particularly devolution of power which would inhibit and deter Chinese economic exploitation of the locals.

All hope is not lost however, the people can still get a government that will protect them, and prioritize them. A servant leadership government model that is offered by the legitimate, innovative and resilient Chamisa. This is a model of government that is sensitive and responsive to both the welfare and the needs of the people whom it will govern with their consent, not aided by partisan and personalized state institutions that only look out for ulterior interests of parasites masquerading as public officials. This of course is only possible if the people register to vote overwhelmingly, and investing their time to secure their votes. Most are unemployed, and have the time to guard their popular will for a few hours, an opportunity that comes once in a few years.

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