Why do you think that the police force, not service, in Chitungwiza was, with so much gusto, ecstatic in the arrest of one of the most prominent and firebrand leaders, Sikhala, and the two journalists who filmed it? The answer may very much surprise you. The journalists’ duo was arrested while on duty, covering the municipal by-election in Chitungwiza.  This is an election that was being held in ward seven, a Zengeza West constituency. They were arrested, without charge, and had to be detained at St Mary’s police station again without charge, and had to wait for dubious charges from the corrupt, spectacularly failing zanu pf which is also illegitimate, scrounging, and pestilential.

Some of you are shocked by the developments. The police force, which had or when the opposition, recently renewed, is resilient tranquilly transitions into power, will be reformed into a police service, is very partisan, unprofessional and politicized. It is not in any way subservient to the supreme law of the land, the constitution, which the pestilential, parasitic and criminal zanu pf is fond of mutilating, devaluing and violating. This is the very same police that is so lawless to the extent of ganging with unemployed, drug abusing thuggish youths of zanu pf in battering and assaulting people exercising their constitutional right to assembly, throws spikes under cars that refuse to pay bribes and occasionally go to China or Singapore for regular health check-ups. Yes, you read that right. Since 1980, the police force has had its members fly to Singapore and China for medical care.

The wives of police officers who are instrumental in the maintenance and preservation of zanu pf status quo actually deliver their babies abroad, in the referenced Asian countries. The husbands of the same police officers have their prostate cancers, tooth aches, among other ailments, treated there as well. They do not go to the deaths traps such as Parirenyatwa where you will be asked to bring resources such as drugs, gloves, bandages, saline water, needles, among others, to be used on you, where the staff is not on strike, and the bulk of whom are experienced, left for greener pastures abroad. Their kids so not go to public schools whose pass rates has been nose diving every year, manned by impoverished teachers who literally have been on strike from the very moment the military shuttled failED Scarfmore in office, who went on to neglect their welfare.

The very same kids of the very overzealous police officers do not go to the now ridiculously overprized, broken tertiary institutions in the business of grooming informal vendors who graduate to become elements constituting the informal sector today. No, this is despite the fact that the same partisan police earn in the coveted United States dollars, the only government employees to do so, and all their children automatically get scholarships to study abroad, particularly Harvard, Oxford, Texas, Stanford, Massachusetts, Chicago and California. Why not? Don’t they get eighty percent of every looted resource in the country? They got eighty percent of the looted proceeds of spectacularly failed command agriculture, the missing fifteen billion, the failed mechanization scheme, Operation Maguta. This is the essence that is crucial in explaining the behaviour of the partisan police whose welfare is not neglected, culminating into prompt, affordable, and reliable service delivery deprivation. For good measure, the same police were mocking the thirty-seven percent wage hike, effected for the impoverished, zanu pf militia. Life is good for the police.        

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