If you are a judge who is deliberately susceptible to the failed and illegitimate zanu pf’s politicization and partisanship influences, then you are in good books with failED Scarfmore. It means that you get to be sympathetic to the futile aspirations of the very same failed, illegitimate, pestilential, parasitic and criminal zanu pf, of a one party state, either paralyzed or already collapsed and failed, with the very same failed, illegitimate zanu pf having retained power illegitimately, and having decimated the contending, renewed, resilient and innovative opposition.

To demonstrate your sympathy to the futile, ruinous one party state aspirations of the pestilential, failed, corrupt, criminal, parasitic zanu pf, as a judge, you have to play critical versatile roles or no roles at all, depending on the context, and what zanu pf bound to fail reactionary measures meant to shore up its unconstitutional power retention to preserve its parasitic status quo are. The very man who raped he constitution by illegally extending the occupation of office by the now senile and demented Malaba, who not only sanitized the 2017 military coup but also the obvious and embarrassing 2018 election heist, is today the same failED  Scarfmore who is critical of judges perceived to be anti-establishment, as they threaten not only his stay in power but the subsequent trials before reformed formerly partisan, politicized zanu pf sympathetic courts, but now independent, constitution subservient courts, which dispense rule of law, prioritizes and ensure equality before the law.

In June of 2021, Justice Erica Ndewera was fired for ‘gross incompetence’. In her defence, she claimed that her firing was politically motivated. She had clashed with the disgraceful Malaba who was interfering, and inserting himself in her work, thus seeking to influence her rulings. You may as well as guess who was targeted by the influence of the disgraceful and illegitimate chief justice. If you guessed that the opposition leadership, members and activists, then you are not very far off from the mark. This is sufficient evidence that demonstrate beyond reasonable doubt the expected conduct of judges by the failed, illegitimate, pestilential, criminal and parasitic zanu pf is to be the vanguard that legitimizes its status quo, while actively being wielded by the same zanu pf to be a weapon in its lawfare program, a futile bid to decimate the now renewed, vibrant, resilient opposition, remember the incarcerations of Haruzivishe, Hopewell (not opposition)?

The anger of failED Scarfmore was for publicity, expressed while he opened a so called commercial court, which now has an electronic system, for allegedly, making the whole process expedient. Ha-ha. This is sadly laughable. You know when a situation is so sorry you have to laugh because it might keep depression away? Why does a country with fundamental human and property rights violations that rival those of Afghanistan, Syria and Libya even think that it needs a commercial court? In 2021, the very illegitimate zanu pf used courts of law to have properties of the opposition, including harvest house, forfeited. Do you think investors, especially so called desperately needed international investors did not notice? You think they did not notice how in the early 2000s the very same pestilential, parasitic zanu pf went on a spree grabbing personal property left right and centre in the form of farms? They sure did. And they also realize that an opening of a commercial court is simply a weapon waiting to be activated against perceived threats of the status quo which is illegitimate, preserved by the prize of blood, shed extra judicially.

A commercial court is the last thing this country needs, especially if one considers that cases of the ethnic genocide, electoral violence, all perpetuated by the spectacularly failing zanu pf have not been addressed at all. Since when, the politically informed, and enlightened ask, is zanu pf interested in law and order which is brought about by, say, a commercial court? This is given the fact that they, the parasites are the majority of culprits who would be arraigned before the very same commercial court. So much for show.

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