The very sad fact that the propaganda mouth piece of the legitimately failed illegitimate, scrounging and pestilential zanu pf did not report it does not mean it did not happen, nor did it escape the attention of an oppressed, terrorized populace, whose welfare has been neglected, and deprived of prompt, affordable and reliable service delivery. These very same bitter youths who are delusional about the possibility of actual democratic processes prevailing in their parasitic, illegitimate and failed party, have not been spared from the negligence of the welfare which the general, oppressed, and terrorized police has been condemned, and subjected to, neither did they get insulated from the ensuing service delivery deprivation.

For four straight decades, despite the very apparent record of the failed ruling, and not governing, illegitimate zanu pf, it is very shocking and concerning that there a people who are still hopeful for the possibility of democratic processes will somehow prevail in all of their internal caucuses. This is not only shocking, but is also dangerous to national stability of the country, which already is fragile. Do you recall the deaths of Tongogara, and Chitepo? What do they have in common? It seems that these delusional, unemployed youths who are bitter about lack of democratic processes in their parasitic and pestilential party, which is the epitome of failure have an apparent lack of appreciation for their internal history. Anyway, back to the tragic deaths of Chitepo and Tongogara. While we are at it, we may as well appreciate the consultative value of the Nhari rebellion. All of them reflect one thing that is the soul of zanu pf. Can you guess what it is? If you guessed something like pro-poor policies, then your comprehension facilities are worse than those of a goat.

If you guessed parasitism, then you indeed hit the bull’s eye. Guerrillas who challenged the status quo, which ironically was constituted by the following particular elements, the deceased tyrant Mugabe, and the failED Scarfmore, they were killed. When the same referenced two elements saw that Chitepo and Tongogara were the likely horses to win the race, they had them killed. Now, in all these killings, there was nothing democratic in that at all. In essence, they imposed themselves into rulership. Competitively, they knew they did not stand a chance. This, if translated meant that their parasitism would never see the light of the day. A Tongogara or a Chitepo, both of whom were democratic than the referenced two elements, among other things, would ensure that the illegitimate, failed zanu pf futile aspirations of a one party state, which only serves the ruinous parasitism of the duo, would be abortive.

Do you get it now? If you are a delusional, unemployed youth, which is the most likely case, do not get bitter that there are no democratic processes in your party. Why? Your bitterness is emotions for disappointment of not being elected democratically so that you get your snout in trough. The imposition of candidates at the corrupt, an criminal zanu pf youth Indaba means that parasitism reign supreme and that actual democratic processes are pesticides to the said parasitism.

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