The pestilential, parasitic, perpetually a spectacularly failing, illegitimate and criminal zanu pf, in one of its futile modus operandi of choice, aimed at decimating the opposition for whole four decades, actually exposes its flank, and flawed philosophy. The philosophy is not a realization by the spectacularly failing zanu pf. It did not come up with the concept. The philosophy is simple. A house divided cannot stand. For the evidential and objective purposes of this piece, substitute divided/division with factionalism. Factionalism has been exploited, sponsored by the illegitimately failed, sadistic, people’s welfare neglecting and service delivery depriving zanu pf, retaining power at the expense of a violated, mutilated and devalued supreme law of the land which is the constitution which people voted for overwhelmingly, which however is an impediment to the futile aspirations of the scrounging, illegitimate zanu pf of a one party state.

The point is that the failed zanu pf parasites realize the significance of the utility and potency of factionalism, that it does not let an opportunity slide to waste, should it present itself, that will allow it to decimate the opposition. The last time, the opportunities, not opportunity, (singular) provided themselves to the legitimately failed illegitimate zanu pf in the form of the sell outs, disgraced, and now nonentities Khupe and Mwonzora. This is to demonstrate the referenced significance of factionalism. When it comes to factionalism, in the intra-party politics for zanu pf, the stakes are much higher. What is at stake?

To realistically appreciate the degree and the significance of factionalism, which got more pronounced in the just ended failed zanu pf youths’ imposition circus, one needs to do a post mortem of the deaths of Chitepo and Tongogara, the suspicious death of General Mujuru, 2017 military coup which ushered in failED Scarfmore into power, illegitimately and the subsequent equally suspicious deaths of two generals who were instrumental in the 2017 military putsch. The senile and demented Scarfmore had been booted out unceremoniously out of both the illegitimate and failed government in the case of the military coup of 2017. He fled into exile.

All these things have one thing in common, and now that thing is manifesting as potential instability generating factionalism between wife amputating General Chiwenga and his erstwhile co-conspirator failED Scarfmore. This one thing in common being mentioned here is the reason why the factionalism riddled, failed, and pestilential zanu pf has ingratiated itself in the business of perpetually mutilating, devaluing and violating the supreme law of the land. The common denominator is simply obvious to those with the eye of discerning seemingly politically complex world. It is parasitism.

Inflated egos, misplaced, ruinous entitlement by zanu pf parasites means that there are few strategic top positions. From these few strategic, yet top positions, one can plunder and loot, not only with impunity, but on such an unfathomable scale, with precision, and thoroughness like the extinction of dinosaurs. For example, Mugabe, and demented, failed Scarfmore could never coexist with Chitepo and Tongogara, as it ruined their parasitic ambitions. The same was the case with the expulsion of Scarfmore failED from the pestilential party and illegitimate government. His parasitic appetites were not compatible with those of the power mad Grace. This is the case today between the ex-wife amputating General and demented, senile failED Scarfmore. Why else do you think that the illegitimate, scrounging and failed zanu pf would go to great lengths to carry out ethnic cleansing or to actually encourage electoral violence, or to attempt to infiltrate the now renewed, vibrant and resilient opposition and to use lawfare against it? Why do you think the same spectacularly failing zanu pf is bend on realizing futile aspirations of a one party state? Parasitism. Ruinous, cancerous parasitism.

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