ZANU PF is yet at a controversial scale as it sets to machinate the patriotic bill which has already presented before the parliament.

Zanu Pf is yet at a controversial scale as it sets to machinate the patriotic bill which has already presented before the parliament. The National Assembly has already adopted a motion calling for the crafting of the Patriotic Bill, whose draft was presented before the assembly in 2020.

 The proposed law will criminalise any government critics as they will be rendered unpatriotic , denouncing and evading the public sphere were diverse opinions should be tolerated and recognised as citizens opinion should shape policies , hold leaders accountable to ensure transparency and all other good governance tenants and expectations. Political demagogues say the law is targeted at government critics and opposition leaders like Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader Nelson Chamisa and his deputy Tendai Biti, whom the government for the past decade have blaming for calling for sanctions  imposed on the country, which has become the political foundation for ZANU PF to denounce Western engagement as they have failed to ameliorate the pro-western matured democracy which the CCC party is fronting at the core of its manifestos and revealed experience of the 2008 era when they abruptly turned Zimbabwe into an economically active and liberal society which resulted in investors investment index increasing .As the country heads towards the 2023 general elections these rhetoric policies and bills plastered and painted with incompetence and authoritarianism to for Zanu Pf to further its grasp on power should be eliminated , only by the youths turning out in their numbers to overthrow the nationalist “dictatorship” party.

The government top hierarchy were infuriated with the presentation of journalist and pro-human rights activist Hopewell Chin’ono at a summit in Geneva Switzerland , where he detailed the gross atrocities experienced by Zimbabweans in the hands of Zanu Pf, from political violence to economic and social injustice , failure to invest in public health in the country has seen the Parirenyatwa hospital failing to provide adequate and efficient services as material deficit in all departments derails duty and service despite the failure by government to emancipate nurses salaries as they earn close to nothing.

The patriotic bill is being equated to the United States of America’s Logan Act, which in essence prohibits and criminalises Zimbabwean citizens and residents from engaging in unauthorised foreign negotiations, parallel diplomacy, foreign lobbying, sanctions incitement and foreign political and economic relations with countries in dispute with Zimbabwe or hostile to Zimbabwe. To gain political support and credence on the controversial bill , Zanu Pf has shifted attention to former opposition members who have switched allegiance to the ruling party to come up with videos apologising to Zimbabweans for the role in the alleged opposition party begging for sanctions.

During debate on the motion to enact the Bill in Parliament last week, Umzingwane MP Levi Mayihlome (Zanu PF) said calling for sanctions was a threat to national security. “In my view, that is a security threat, and whichever way one looks at it, calling for sanctions is actually a threat to national security. There has to be legislation to guard against the threat to national security,” he said. The whole intention is to close down the little that remains of the democratic space and silence dissenting voices in the run up to the 2023 elections. Zanu PF is not assured of victory in a free and fair election where all voices are allowed space. Therefore, the Patriotic Bill is going to be used to undermine the ability of the opposition parties and civil society organisations to function.

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