As a nation we have displaced our focus on developmental issues , the Zanu Pf regime has survived due to our ignorance

As a nation we have displaced our focus on developmental issues , the Zanu Pf regime has survived due to our ignorance, they have misinformed Zimbabweans on their areas of Progress towards the ambitious  “Vision 2030” were Zimbabwe will be an middle income generating nation. However a blink look at the current affairs posits the attainment of Vision 30 as one among many ambitious projects Zanu Pf has failed to ignite and bear fruits, they have become obsessed with sweet political themes that summarises and romanticise development an approach which psychologically drains the consciousness of the citizens, blind their reasoning and suffocates their political actions whilst eroding their power and significance within the political society.

The current development and rehabilitation of roads has become the campaigning program under Zanu Pf’s belt to take credit, it has become a weakness within the party to with-hold development for political and electoral scores. Development shouldn’t be conditional, public service means serving the community freely without attached political connotations; it is duty not a business. Zanu Pf has lost touch with principles of good governance in line with why Development is a priority to revive any Nations Progress.

After the settlement of Cecil John Rhodes in Rhodesia his vision of Cape to Cairo was a fundamental out of box thinking. He saw the opportunity and benefits of road and railway construction. He was the oppressor who had developmental dreams to connect his fortresses. Years later , with the throne in the Hands of Zanu Pf reality has shifted , those who assisted to achieve independence have been ignored by their own established government which has no dreams of development except amassing personal wealth through patronage and corruptive means. A regime of war liberators who have created war on all facets of reality(social , economic, political, health, cultural), such that no one remembers what the government’s duty is, as activists and voices of those marginalised are caged or collateralised in the process.

The question in every concerned citizen mindset is how to bring down the curtain of darkness under Zanu Pf and bring light on the future of Zimbabweans under the bright yellow party led by sophisticated technocrats (Chamisa and Biti)

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