Zimbabwe now exploiting nuclear energy, and has become a force to reckon with in robotics

Last month Monica Mutsvangwa, the Zanu pf parrot gushed about how the party-state conflation had signed a memorandum of understanding with Russia to construct a nuclear power plant. Yesterday, a lesser vocal parrot, Nzenza was erratic in her announcement to what she presumed to ecstatic and interested public that Russia would partner with, fragile, and political destabilized time Zimbabwe in […]

What does ZANU PF achieve by delisting Old Mutual, after shutting down one of Africa’s oldest stock exchange?

By shutting down the stock exchange as an excuse to shut down the stock exchange, Zanu pf has demonstrated that it is a party that is above accountability. This shutting down of the stock exchange, and subsequent delisting of Old Mutual is basic evasion of this accountability. Zanu pf by evading accountability and responsibility is attempting to buy time, and […]

Introducing anticorruption vitriol to ECD curriculum is mocking of the people who are under siege owing to corruption.

Introducing anticorruption attitudes into so called ECD curriculums is indicative of massive proportions of Zanu pf insincerity. It is addition of industrial sodium to injuries of the people. Injuries caused by Zanu pf primitive accumulation. This pillaging by Zanu pf has seen Zanu pf neglecting, by being insensitive to people’s welfare. This, Zanu pf does by deprivation of the people […]

The new z$50 note is a treatment of symptoms, futile and fatal

Zanu pf can barely believe it’s disgusting and indigestible lies, yet, it had the audacity of churning lies about an abortive divorce between inflation, aggressively on a rampage, reflective of Zanu pf apparent failures and the already doomed, now dubbed spirit medium money. Zanu pf, is treating symptoms, not the underlying malignancy, by printing more than it admits to be […]

Mthuli Ncube eating the humble pie confirms the public secrets.

The public secrets are that Zanu pf unconstitutional and thus illegitimate government is both broke and out of ideas to deal with deficits it created by its unrestrained profligacy. These are developments you cannot deal with by violating fundamental constitutional liberties such as rights to life, and human dignity, by raping, maiming or killing extra judicially, citizens frustrated by the […]