What will a 2023 rigged election mean for the rural electorate

There is no doubt another stolen victory by ZANU PF is going to be a shovelful of sand in the rural electorate’ mouths, complemented with industrial sand paper. Devolution of power, which would see a weaning off of the rural electorate from the abused, exploitative patronage schemes such as presidential input schemes , and the Damocles sword always hanging over […]

Foreign aid and ZANU PF illegal regime longevity.

Anyone following the inflows of foreign aid in the country, mainly food and money channeled for ensuring access to clean and portable water, is aware of the fact that there is only one winner. Reaping massive benefits from benevolence of democratic countries appaled by the Zanu Pf man made humanitarian crisis is none other than Zanu Pf. Everyone knows that […]

The Mnangagwas’ philanthropy, a band-aid patching of a bullet wound.

The sole ZANU PF  rabid mouthpiece, ZBC and so called sister radios, on a daily basis, are singing praises of the Mnangagwas’ and their so called philanthropic work. This article has nothing against philanthropy. What this article, every excluded and oppressed Zimbabwean has against the so called pathetic and insensitive excuse of philanthropy is the sensory overload from logic worse […]

ZANU PF: A looting movement whose work is destruction, despair and death

Bush economics, a transition from the so much touted guerilla warfare shortly after the Lancaster House conference which saw the birth of a new Zimbabwe, are partly responsible for the looting, that make the bombings and sacrifices at Chimoio a vain waste. The bush economics were a ride, a smokescreen meant to give copper coins for gold coins to unsuspecting, […]

Leadership crisis in Zimbabwe: A cause for concern

If there is one thing you can count on from Zimbabwe’s leadership, it is that they will never accept responsibility for everything that goes wrong in the country, nor will they apologize or allow themselves to be held responsible for any actions or decisions they take that do not produce the desired results, but instead will put the blame squarely […]