Popular uprisings and politics of appeasement and regime longevity for Mnangagwa.

Yesterday, Monday 22 February marked an anniversary of Algeria’s removal from power, Bouteflika. Coincidentally the protest anniversary concided with another leader’s celebrated birthday, who, like Bouteflika was booted out of power. But what has this to do with Mnangagwa? And what is the relevance of Algeria’s anniversary protests and the piecemeal, ceremonial reforms that were a consequence of the protests? […]

Zanu Pf’s pathetic assumption of general populace’s ignorance and opposition scapegoating, exposed.

Any modest politically informed citizen under the yoke of Zanu Pf must have been shocked by the dubious and illegal recently held so called politiburo. The illegal gathering was a circumvention of stipulated regulations for mitigation transmissions of the Covid19 virus. It demonstrated that Zanu Pf was above the law, while the opposition and citizens in general were not. One […]

Weaponization of a captured judiciary for attacking the people’s project oriented opposition.

Zanu Pf has weaponized the judiciary after capturing it, for the sole purpose of battering the vibrant opposition. Zanu Pf has weaponized the judiciary system as a means to any end. Complete obliteration of the opposition while retaining power and realizing a one party state. There is one intended target and consequently, transitioned victim, which is the opposition.  A captured, […]

Jacob Mudenda, the rook on Zimbabwe’s political chessboard and the commendable resilience of the victimized opposition

The game of chess is pretty simple, checkmate your opponent and you win. If and when you can’t win then settlement for a stalemate is the next logical and preferable outcome than outright defeat. Zanu Pf, since its proffesed desire in the late 90s and early 2000s, of establishing a hegemonic, absolute one party state, rivalling North Korea and China, […]

Zimbabwe church leaders, hiding behind Bible, to defend regime brutality and corruption have sold souls to devil

I  have always asserted that the Holy Bible is the most perverted book in the history of mankind, as it has found itself at the mercy of all manner of scandalous individuals – from abusive husbands, and deceptive church leaders, to ruthless colonizers, and tyrannical national leaders – as they have clutches at a convenient verse or two, to justify […]

Zimbabwean regime brutal repression of dissent creating more liberation heroes

As the nation mourns the sad passing away, yesterday 15 January 2020, of one of the pioneer founding nationalist leaders of Zimbabwe’s liberation struggle against colonial rule and oppression, Morton Paul Malianga, I could not help making parallels between this gallant hero’s impressive history – most particularly, his perilous struggle journey, and the painful persecution he suffered at the hands […]

How Zanu Pf is becoming increasingly Owerllian

“Everyday, without fail, my parents switch channels to ZBC, the most unreliable source of information ever. Each day, I sit with them, and they switch to this embarrassingly propaganda churning machine, my mind always references the usually stale reports of either the first lady, her husband who is an illegitimate president or how the economy is set for either a […]

Arrest of Joanna Mamombe and Cecilia Chimbiri: A desperate move to silence opposition

The ignominious system has find it difficult to curtail the young vibrant human rights activists from espousing the agenda of liberalization from the current militarized , corrupt  government failing dismally and lackadaisically to implement and uphold their manifestos. Police have Joana Mamombe, Netsai Marova and Cecilia Chimbiri in custody for allegedly using abusive and obscene language to police officers in […]

Unholy alliance: A story of a blind duet leading each other to an inevitable tragic downfall, before more oppression and evil.

In July, 2019, progressives, libertarians and democratic hopefuls were, surprised by an unsuspected turn of events. The University of Zambia, controversially conferred, for wrong reasons, honorary degrees to two most undeserving people. The consequence was a severe backlash for the uncouth gesture, and the realized and unrealized implications. The degrees, unsurprisingly, without shame were in law, and in recognition of […]