Unpacking the January 2021 Monetary Policy resolutions

Whilst necessary in a transitioning period, the amendments to and in some cases completely new monetary policy measures by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ), would suggest a preponderance of policy inconsistency, if not properly unpacked. As such, full understanding of our economy especially its structure and, of course, the journey that it travelled to shape this structure by mainly […]

A Desensitization to Development

Many of the people I criticize will say that I have gotten it wrong: they may even produce evidence that contradicts my views of what happened.  “I can only offer my interpretation of what I saw”  Stiglitz (2002: xv) After the tragic or long overdue death of minister of foreign affairs, SB Moyo, depending on whether you benefited or lost […]

Reflections on the cup of tea I had with Death

This story happened in Zimbabwe, in an alternate reality universe. In this particular Zimbabwe, I am a peasant. I have a relatively small nuclear family. I have a wife, three sons and a daughter who is the youngest. We have a relatively small piece of land, reasonably productive. A few healthy cows, some goats and plenty of chickens. We are […]

Since when have the opposition parties ‘cooperated’ with ruling parties – the tragic opportunism of Zimbabwean Politics.

This is an interesting question however with not as such, an interesting answer as it is blunt, never. Never has ruling parties cooperated with opposition parties, especially if one considers the particular case of Zimbabwe. The reasons are regrettably premises around the fundamental question of power. To put it more succinctly, balance of power, and any implications of such power […]


Dictators thinking is very predictable. Their motives and secret fears are as plain as the sands of Sahara. For a while now, their most pressing focus has been consolidation of power, illegitimately, under the blanket of the pandemic. While Western democracies are grappling with the pandemic, authoritarian governments have the coveted liberties to insulate themselves from the popular will driven […]

Is the Zimbabwean government politicizing COVID19?

Yes. Zanu Pf led government is politicizing COVID 19 in Zimbabwe. Should you be concerned? Yes, you should be. Politicizing the pandemic has one ultimate goal. Consolidation of illegitimately acquired power. Consolidation of the said power increases chances of survival for Zanu Pf, while also enabling regime stability, as will be unpacked by this article. Insight into the concept of […]